Sites I use strictly for school

Sites I use for personal use

Sites that are related to technology in education

The go to website for when you don’t fully understand a concept of anything, really. It’s really good for math, and all the science streams.

LIFESAVER for those novel quizzes. Helped me a lot when I had to read plays by Shakespeare, because it has a translation from old to modern english.

The best site for when you have those vocab tests. This website has interactive quizzes, tests, and for me, it works the best. It’s accessible offline too, so you can memorize it on the bus!

Bless the creator of this website. Personally I use it for math calculations, and all the help you need on math, can be all solved right here on this website. The step by step calculations really helps me.

Introduced this year by my bio teacher, and it’s a handy way to communicate with your teacher, without having to go look for her email on her website. Our teacher texts us whenever we miss a class, and kindly sends us the material she gave out 🙂