Project Proposal:
My project would be to learn guitar. Not become a master at it, but to at least learn how to tune the guitar and to play a song perfectly. My guitar right now is just at home, unused, coated with dust!! This might take me around a month to do. I think I would record playing my guitar, using some sort of recording device and play it in front of the class.

My 2017 winter break consisted of me procrastinating homework, not studying for bio every chance I got. But then after three days, I got bored of doing nothing, but didn’t really want to start working on school work. That’s when my guitar in the corner of the room started looking more and more interesting.I think the reason why I chose to do this project was because I wanted to learn something new that wasn’t related to school in any way, and I had a fine guitar just at the side, not being used by anyone. Even though I haven’t touched a guitar in my life, I held it in my hands and plucked some strings, and realized it sounded out of tune. Thankfully I played violin before, so I know about tuning string instruments. After I tuned my guitar, I proceeded to find the easiest song I could find online and stumbled upon “All of Me” by John Legend. As I watched countless tutorials ‘for beginners’, all the Youtubers had a clamp like thing on their guitar, and figured out that I needed a guitar clamp in order to play the song.


But I didn’t have access to one, and this was on Christmas – so I couldn’t go out to buy one… I knew if I didn’t make something at that moment, I wouldn’t pick up my guitar again for the rest of the break, since I procrastinate so much. So I grabbed the nearest thin straight object next to me: a pencil, and managed to find 3 hair ties to piece up my homemade DIY guitar clamp at home. In my little video clip at the bottom, you’ll see my masterpiece 🙂

My clamp was a success, and I continued to learn what a chord was, and how to get my tiny hands around the guitar… Just like the violin, my hands being very abnormally small was a hurdle in the way of my sprint 😦

After hours of practice and wailing about my calloused left fingers, I managed to play a really slow version of it! As I put the guitar away that first day, I knew I had to take it out again the next day, and made a promise to myself that I would, since I had to upload a video of me playing the guitar afterwards.

A few days turned into 2-3 weeks, and I realized I spent my winter break actually learning something new, and was pretty proud of myself.


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