20 years into the future…

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up with the most painful headache! I reached over to the SmartNightStand and placed my hand over the ‘Headache’ buttonPad, and thankfully the pills came a few seconds later. Remember when I wrote about the new update on the pill dispensers?? And how it’s been malfunctioning?! I’m glad they managed to fix it – or I would have filed another complaint. I liked it way better when we had an actual button :(. Much more satisfying, 100% success rate and fun to press than to place my chipped hand over the new button…

Oh, did I update you on my recovery from getting chipped? Well, it turns out that I’ve been chosen to be one of the beta testers for this new experiment which supposedly makes someone feel refreshed, as if they have slept the perfect amount. It’s called SleepPerfector, and they’re paying me to be a test subject! This is how it works: so you drink one of their drinks they provide you with, and then sleep from 30-60 mins after taking the drink, for at least an hour. Then boom! You’re supposed to feel like you’ve been sleeping for a good 8-9 hours! So to be a test subject, they need to chip you, so that they can monitor you 24/7 for a couple of weeks. Well, they initially gave me two choices, but I chose chipping, since I didn’t want to go to the doctor’s to be pricked on the finger everyday.

Well, after taking my pills for the day, I went downstairs, and guess what I saw!! Lorie2.0 was flashing green again 🙂 It was red yesterday, but I guess the manufacturers worked on her last night.  I can’t wait to start ordering things with Lorie2.0 again~  


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