Do mobile phones have a positive or negative impact on the world?

In our generation, mobile phones have become more of a necessity than a want. Our parents let us have phones because they expect us to contact them when we’re going out, or if we’re going to be home late. It’s a method of communication, and without this, there is no way for us to communicate with people far away. In this blog post, I’ll be referring to smart phones, not flip phones as mobile phones.

According to different studies, how smartphones shape their lives really depends on the person. Some people aren’t affected if they leave their phone somewhere else for a while, as for others, they’re greatly affected. Phones are also very convenient, regardless of where you work, or even if you’re a student, by giving us easy access to different applications, such as google maps, calculator and a compass. In emergencies, phones are the best, since they’re on you at the moment. According to studies, emergency phone calls are made mostly with smartphones, not home phones or pay phones.

Some negative impacts are that people might not like being always connected to the web, or like how there’s no 100% guarantee that a call would go through, or a text would go through, due to bad internet or data services. Smartphones also poses a risk while being used in a car, even if it’s hands-free calling. Apparently, according to statistics drivers miss up to half of what they see out the windshield while talking on a cell phone, since our brains work more efficiently when focusing on one task at a time. There are also health concerns about smartphones, like the effect it has on our bodies after prolonged use, or how reliant we are of our phones. We all freak out and get sensitive when something happens to our phones.

The main thing different between a smartphone and a flip phone is that smartphones can connect to applications, like social media. This connection is easily made, and gives easy access to the internet, where bad things like cyber bullying could occur. In Rebecca’s presentation, facts like how the use of smartphones correlated with the rate of suicide due to cyber bullying popped up a lot.

In the end, despite all the negative effects smartphones have on society, I believe that overall, they had a positive impact on society. Phones are used for efficiency, not something that we need to rely on all the time, like a crutch. They are here to help, not here to take over and consume your life. 


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