Placements are cool but hmtl tables make me drool :(

This placement was very enjoyable, since I was editing our very own school website. This may sound weird, but ever since grade 9, I wanted to edit the school website, and make it prettier and more function-able. I didn’t understand that there were rules on not being able to change the whole layout of the school website.
Overall, my placement was pretty smooth, without much bumps. In the beginning, since I was responsible of updating the new policies from our agenda to the website, the only material I needed was the agenda, which was easily accessible.
I won’t lie, I first chose this section of editing our school site, because I thought it would be easy, and very fast to finish. But as I started, and opened up my agenda, I was faced with 26 pages to update onto the site. The site was also not updated since October of 2012, so all the information was completely wrong. I had to type out all the pages myself, word for word, and had to learn how to code tables in html code! Thankfully my teacher gave me an electronic version of the 26 pages, but unfortunately, I only had access to it on the 23rd, which was a week after I started my placement.
For me, I think making charts with html was the hardest thing I had to do in this course. I only went up to ICS11, and didn’t take ICS12, since I realised coding was the wrong path for me. So coding up a chart was pretty difficult, even though I just had to search up the guide and understand it, implementing what I needed into it. Fortunately I did make a couple of tables myself, which I was very proud of, even if it took some time so make it.
This IDC project was really useful, since all the students in the classroom learned how it feels like, doing work for someone who is superior to them, giving goals and due dates. Not only that, this project gives students time to find their pace to finish their placements by their preferred due date, and since in-class time is given, everything is really relaxed, and easy going.
In the future, I think that this project can be improved by having all the students doing something that would end around the same time. Right now, in our class there are groups who are not yet finished with their tasks, and groups who are already done.


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