Let’s go with a work in progress

The 2~3 weeks after writing my last blog post has been crazy. There were so many due dates, and so much content to go through everyday. But I’m here alive, went through no breakdowns, no sobbing at 4:00am, and no last minute studying which is good – better than before. Let’s just go with: improvement.

Me using the Pomodoro technique had it’s ups and downs, just as I predicted. Using this technique everyday turned out to be very tiring, and instead of effectively studying, I spent the time watching the clock, looking at the time left until I had my not-well-deserved break. This went for about a week, until I realized that giving myself time to rest was important.

Resting for about an hour, after I feel like I have worked a lot that day, feels very good, especially if your resting time involves a bed and you’re the one sleeping in it.


Did it work?

Yes, when I was motivated enough to use this technique. No, when I was burned out or just not motivated to use the app, making my day not productive at all. But I will definitely say that this technique did indeed reduce my procrastination when I used the app on my phone. Sadly, if not using this technique, I still procrastinate, and the rate of me absorbing the new material I need to learn goes down a lot. The evidence, is my log that I made at home:


This log was made right after the day I made my last blog post. It shows all the days I successfully implemented my technique with the color green, and red for all the days where I wasn’t motivated to implement this into my day.

Hopefully this table is only going to get longer, since using this technique seems like the best way to go. But before continuing straight on, I need to make some rules I can use to make my working periods more effective, and to avoid being burned out, or not motivated enough to open the app on my phone. 

Will I continue?

Continuing the Pomodoro technique is only ideal, since I know that it’s the only thing holding myself together. At a time like this where my marks are the most important thing in high school, having a technique that I know that will work is very important.


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