We are Centennials who breathe air, not technology.

Let’s be honest.

Will I need to know how to calculate vector equations in the future?


I’m pretty sure I won’t need to know it. 

School is definitely preparing me for my academic future, but not my actual future.
At school, we learn to connect with people, and share our ideas. Collaboration is an important part of our future, since there’s no job that is done all alone. But I feel like school doesn’t prepare us to live off as independent people. Tax, everything about credit, cooking, essentials to survive in the harsh world aren’t taught in school.

Even though school doesn’t prepare me for real life, a future after my education, school is a great place to learn about new technology. I was introduced to Khan Academy during middle school, and I am so glad my teacher decided to show us this amazing website. In high school, I stumbled upon Desmos, while looking for a graphing calculator for my homework. Desmos is a website, and an app that can be accessed offline, which was an amazing thing for a niner who had no data on her smartphone.

We’re centennials, who have been born when the technology era accelerated, but no, we aren’t robots that are all attracted to participate when technology is used.
Just because a class is using technology, it doesn’t appeal to all the students. It all depends on the class and how the technology is being used.
If I’m in a biology course, and the teacher uses power point rather than writing it all down on the chalkboard, yes- it’s more efficient and faster to get through material, but it wouldn’t affect how easy it is for me to learn the content.
If we’re using the chalkboard to do coding, it’s way better to use the computer. By the time someone finishes writing out the code on the board, someone else would probably be done solving the problem,and 3 other questions on the computer.

But there is one technology I want to be used at school more often: Quizlet. It’s a well known piece of tech between students, but in my personal experience, not a lot of teachers know about it. In courses like biology, where you need to memorise a lot of definitions, quizlet is very good to use, since you can even access your flashcards offline. Teachers have an option to create a ‘teacher account’, and basically make a sharing bank for definitions or short problems. They can upload definitions themselves, or make the students form groups and share their definitions for a part of the chapter or unit.


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